Bright and Colorful Neon Signs in LA


Neon Sign Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Repair.

Custom neon sign shop located in L.A county. We manufacture, repair & restore exterior neon signage. Visit our custom neon design shop minutes from Hollywood. We also specialize in: interior signage, channel lettering & dimensional signage, custom neon signs, sign installations & permitting, signs for special events, large format banners, posters, backdrops & graphics

Picture this..Your Company Name glowing in the dark. That buzzing sign hanging on your storefront. For decades, neon signs have lit up every corner of the night. With pulsating, hypnotizing saturated colors, neon signs are an excellent option for an eye-catching sign for your company. We take it back to the unique and custom, where light and art flow seamlessly together.

A neon sign is a lighting display made of glass tubes. Under extremely hot flames the glass tubes are being bent into shapes, letters, and logos to your specification. Once the glass tubing is set in the design, they are filled with gas and sealed off. When a high-voltage electrical current is passed through the gas, the tubes emit light.

Known as a great marketing tool, Neon Signs have many advantages. Properly built neon signs last many years. They can be used as interior or exterior signage. Also, Neon Signs give you plenty of flexibility in design, color choice, size, and shape.
Neon Signs are visible from nightfall to daylight with a unique visual glow that effortlessly catches by-passers attention. Giving you an endless possibility of creative design choices, by creating lively light objects and images. The classic look of a Neon Sign will give your company the visibility you desire.

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